Fawn Hunter 3000


fawn hunter 3000Fawn Hunter 3000 is an animal shooting game online in which you will be hunting deer fawns. The game was created by the same developer as the original Deer Hunter game and it is very similar. This time however, you will be shooting fawns instead of adult deer. Once the game starts, you will be located in the forest. Your mouse will become a bull’s eye and you can use it to fire at deer. Once you start the hunt, there will be some deer in the forest. Move your mouse around the scree to aim with your gun, then click shoot. Don’t let any fawn run away or you will lose and will have to start all over. Once you kill some fawns, you will be out of bullets. You just have to click at the word RELOAD and you will have another 8 bullets in your magazine. When you kill all the fawns in the forest, you are the winner. Let’s find out how good are your aiming skills and reflexes in this super fun deer hunting game online called Fawn Hunter 3000!

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