Duck Hunter Riverside


duck hunter riversideThis is the third sequel of the fantastic duck hunting game series online called Duck Hunter. This time you will be shooting ducks on the riverside. The goal is the same as in the previous games and it is very simple: You have to shoot as many ducks as possible and collect bonuses like stars, red and blue watch. Blue watch adds some extra time to your remaining time limit, red watch takes a time from the time limit. Stars will give you extra points. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot. Watch your score which will increase every time you hit a duck or a star. If you are lucky enough, you can even hit multiple ducks with one shot, which will make your score rise very quickly! Your score is displayed at the top left, your remaining time limit is shown at the top right. Try to get the highest score possible and get your name into the global leaderboard! Can you become the best duck hunter in this awesome duck shooting game?

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