Deer Hunter


deer hunterDeer Hunter is a challenging free deer hunting game online. This is a very simplistic yet highly addicting game that has no levels or story. Your goal is simple: Kill as many deer as possible as they appear in the forest, hiding in the long grass, trying to escape from your sight. Try to be quick and eliminate every single one of them. Each of the deer you kill increases your score. You have to hit every target with your gun. If you miss any deer, the game is over. So don’t let them escape. Sometimes the deer will come from the left, other times you can see it appear on the right. Distance can also vary. Move your mouse to aim, click to shoot, reload your ammunition by clicking on the picture. You have just 8 bullets, so remember to always keep an eye on your ammo. Reload quickly, otherwise the deer will escape an you will lose the game! Can you become the greatest hunter in this simple online shooting game called Deer Hunter?

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