Hunter’s World


hunters worldWelcome to Hunter’s World! In this fantastic deer hunting game online, you will have a limited amount of ammo to shoot at animals and the aim is to get the maximum score possible. This game will test your accuracy, patience and hunting skills. Obtain the highest score possible with just 20 bullets. Use your mouse to shoot the head or lung areas of the deer and other animals. Use the space bar to zoom in on your prey. Animals that are further away will score higher, but don’t miss or it will cost you points! Hold the rifle steady to focus the recticle, which will give you higher score. Animals that are unaware will give you more points. Spooked animals will run or attack, reducing your score or even your lives! Beware the bears, they can be deadly! Defend yourself from marauding bears with your knife. Use your mouse and click at the strike zone point to start attacking the bear. How many animals can you kill in Hunter’s World game?

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